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Welcome to Ryobi Knows

Knowledge is power.
Our expert advice on the use and maintenance of your Ryobi Powertools.


Feeling left in the dark?

Take back control of your power!
Ryobi manufactures both 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke generators to suit your specific needs.
Click HERE to download the Ryobi Back-Up power information pamphlet and start producing your own Back-up power for your home or business.


Working with a Heat Gun

The Ryobi Heat Gun is a great tool for DIY enthusiasts, ideal for stripping paint. Our experts provide advice on how to safely and effectively use your Ryobi Heat Gun.

Table & Mitre Saws

General Mitre and Table Saw Maintenance including changing blades.

Electric Sanders

Electric Power Sanders are the best, quickest and easiest way to sand wood smooth.

Rotary Hammers

The difference between an ordinary Impact Drill and Rotary Hammers and Breakers.

Radial Arm Saws

Unboxing and assembling your new Ryobi Radial Arm Saw.


Changing blades and general maintenance.


Changing blades and extending the life of your Ryobi Grinder.

Drill Chucks

Changing your Ryobi Drill Chuck.

Cordless Machines

Battery options, care and maintenance.


Ryobi Trimmers and Brush Cutters

Ryobi Trimmer and Brush Cutter starting, care and maintenance.


Operating your Ryobi Chainsaw safely.

Expert Tips:

Micro Safety Switches

Many Ryobi products have Micro Safety switches designed as a safety mechanism to protect the operator.

Mixing 2 Stroke Oil

Mixing the correct ratios of 2 Stroke oil and fuel

Measuring Equipment

Ryobi Digital Moisture Metres, Voltage Metres and Laser Liners.


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